Guidelines for New Golfer

Step 1

Before using any of the facilities at any of the courses including that of Driving Range/s the golfer must submit Form 1 which is available with the Starter of both the courses.

Step 2

After Form 1 has been submitted and reasonable amount of proficiency has been achieved thru practice or training, the golfer must pass following tests to be conducted on following parameters at either of the courses. Date and time will be fixed with mutual consent:

  1. Bunker-out Test – Get a minimum of 4 out of 10 balls out of the bunker on to the Chipping Green.
  2. Play holes - Play any four holes and golfer should score 10 over par or better.

After passing the above tests the golfer will be issued Form 2 to be filled and submitted to the Starter.

In case the golfer fails the test, he/she can reappear for the test after a minimum gap of 10 days.

Step 3

After submission of Form 2 the golfer can start submitting the cards for handicap. Rounds should be played only when the course is free i.e. after 7 AM on weekdays only. In order to get a handicap the player must submit minimum of 5 cards of 18 Holes OR 10 cards of 9 Holes duly signed by a Marker who already has an official handicap.

Step 4

After submission of cards as explained in Step 3, golfer will be required to meet the Golf Committee for an interview. On successful conclusion of the interview a handicap will be issued by the Handicap Committee which will be based on the scores submitted by the golfer.