Local Rules - Beldih Golf Course


  1. Drain running across 1st/10th fairway up to the culvert on the left.
  2. All Paved Cart Paths.
  3. Anthills, only if marked.
  4. Metal Road Running across 9th/18th fairway.
  5. All Electrical/Telephone poles and wires.
  6. All tee board signages.
  7. Jungle Area short of Metal Road on 9th/18th fairway. In case the ball has not crossed the Metal Road, the player must play next shot from the DZ provided on the mound, just short of Jungle Area without penalty.
  8. Monsoon water drains on the fairways of 2nd/11th, 4th/13th and 7th/16th holes.

Lateral Water Hazard

  1. Pond on the right of 4th fairway.
  2. Pond on the right of 5th fairway.
  3. Drain running alongside 7th/16th fairway on the left.
  4. Drain running alongside the wall on 7th/16th fairway on the right up to behind the Green.

Water Hazard

  1. Pond behind 5th green.

Out of Bounds

  1. Ball going outside the boundary of the golf course.
  2. Area on the right of 8th/17th fairway marked with white pillars.
  3. Area on the left of wire mesh protecting the chipping green.
  4. Area left of Drop Gate on the left of 9th/18th.

Please Note: A ball coming to rest near any boundary wall of the course including the fence protecting the chipping green area on the left of 9th/18th green, must be played as it lies. A relief would be available within two club lengths, but not nearer the hole, with a penalty of one stroke.

Free relief from Edging Grooves: A ball lying in the edging grooves (the line/groove that separates the 2 different kinds of grass around the greens at BC) may be dropped at the nearest point of relief and not closer to the hole.

Please note the relief is only for a ball lying in the groove and not for stance, swing or line of play.